Welcome to the Dragon's Den Freerealms Members WikiEdit

Welcome to the new wiki! Glad you can join our family on Dragoon's Den and on here. Feel free to ask any questions, ideas, tips, extra. You won't regret joining us. :D ~Darkclaw P.S. New updates to this wiki will be adding on and feel free to add any page or topic you like.

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*News* Edit

We will be having a huge epic party! In honor of our new wiki, new home and family reunion! The party will be on game Dragon's Den in the Disco map. Bring your fab fashion! Happy B-day Dragon's Den Freerealms members! ~Darkclaw 9/15/2014

We will need help around this wiki so we need new admins! So write to me on my message wall if you want to be one. ( This doesn't make you staff on Dragon's Den just on here. X3 )

A special meeting will be held with all wiki admins on here tonight around 9:30pm central time in Live chat on here. ~Darkclaw 9/18/2014

Rules Edit

Respect others

Have Fun

If you haven't seen the forms on Dragon's den then you might want too.

Must be Dragon's Den member from Freerealms.

Will not tolerate destroying pages ( ask Admins on this wiki to delete a page or any problems )

( Will add more later )

How to download Page is up!! Edit

Download page is up. A long with the instructions!!!!!!!

Community <3 ( We are all equal! ) Edit

This game is really the best in my opinion because it has a strong community. A game where we can have fun, explore, Battle, Be yourself!, Safe environment.Plus you can gain pets, XP, Duel, Items and much more. No more taking control! Join Dragon's Den now! ~Darkclaw

Dragon's Den 4 -Trailer-

Dragon's Den 4 -Trailer-

Pics that remind me of Freerealms and more!

Derpy and me chatting up a Storm xD