Ello fellow Freerealms members! I'm sure you have probably heard of our new game and home. ( Well most of us thinks it's our new home. ) Anyways, here is how you get started and download the game! ~Darkclaw

Dragon dancing

1. Look up on Google "Dragon's Den Game"

2. Click on the one that says "Dragon's Den login request"

3. Sign up ( make sure to activate it )

4. Just click on the giant words saying "DOWNLOAD"

5. Scroll down till you see "Dragon's Den 5v"

6. Follow Instructions on there and rules!!! ( Yeah might not wanna get in trouble if you don't read the rules on there and instructions )

P.S. Make sure to scroll down too in the download thing and download the direct3d from there else it won't work!

7. Accept everything

8. Wait till done installing

9. click what ever language you want

10. choice Direct3d

11. Game screen will come on and hit new account

12. Fill that out and then hit ok it will take you to create your own char

13. Have fun designing your char

14. hit start

15. Welcome to Dragon's Den!